Key Objectives

  • The existing Food Safety Monitoring system used by the client were unable to meet their business requirements and the client wanted support with the following:
  • Client wanted to develop a responsive web application for the countries (USA, Asia, Australia, and APAC) with Multilingual support
  • Wanted to create a differentiator for themselves by developing an application that can help the customers get a single view of food compliance data
  • Automated notifications on anomalies/excursions and corrective actions

Our Solution

  • Provided a complete portal redesign to complement the new architecture and developed a cloud native app hosted on AWS. Enhanced requirements are implemented in the existing functionality with the new atomic design and the requested modifications
  • Redesigned User Interface using Angular which provides a rich interface, responsiveness, modularity, and cross-browser compliant features and seamlessly interacts with REST Full Web Services
  • Developed APIs using Micro Service Architecture
  • Responsive food services monitoring & handling application allows the client to a 360-degree view to detect excursions easily, take corrective action, report, and follow local and federal regulations.
  • Multilingual Support from the client side for static components with a different flavor of page
  • Implementation of various features like Corrective Actions, automated report scheduling, customer self-service options like enable/disable notifications, subscription renewals, Domo integration, and User management

Benefits & Measurement

  • Better performance, easy applicability, Cross platform, speed and performance, productivity and testability
  • Loosely coupled micro service architecture gives more fault tolerance and high availability
  • Self-provisioning with PaaS, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Delivery reduced operational bottleneck during deployment
  • Quick time to market with regular release

About Customer / Project

Client is a Fortune 500 company, they manufacture products and provide engineering services for industrial, commercial, and consumer markets across the globe; key focus is helping Customers Address The World’s Most Critical Needs in Food Safety, Quality Assurance, and Energy Management


Food Safety monitoring across Cold Chain


AngularJS, JavaScript ReactJS, HTML, CSS, AWS, DevSecOps, Mongo, NodeJs, Snowflake, EKS, Docker