Our company started with a specialization in CCD processing acquisition and control, covering analog, digital, microcontrollers, and computer based software control, cryogenic, and low-temperature systems as per custom client requirements.


TAT grew quickly through strategic acquisitions and expansion into new markets and organic growth. TAT Group provides quality, results-oriented, value-added services in Electronics, Semi-Conductors, Automation, Engineering, and Information Technology.  Lately due to interest from our clientele we started investing in IoE/IoT devices and software.

TAT specializes in providing intelligent solutions/resources in todays Digital world.  We specialize in providing niche skills in IoT, Cloud, SalesForce, ETL Tools, Talend, Angular, Firmware & other evolving technologies to our customers.  We offer a great mix of Key skills, experience and engagement model for the business growth. We are highly focused on delivering qualitative, timely delivered and cost-effective solutions. We provide rich and varied user experience to give an edge over your competitions.