TAT software is cloud based Software as a service which provides organizations, abilities to securely manage and monitor the sensors and gateways which are deployed at clients locations for asset tracking or condition monitoring. Through the portal, clients can configure policies to receive alerts when their sensors go out of range or offline.

Client admins can decide who can receive these alerts and at what frequency and invite users accordingly. Currently, TAT software supports email and sms alerts or notifications.

It also provides functionality to remotely manage the devices and perform Over the Air (OTA) updates. Additional modules provide users with customizable reports specific to Asset Tracking, Healthcare, Food Industry, Cargo and Transportation. It can be used for any other IoT solution as well.

In addition to device tracking and maintenance TAT software provides modules to manage users, notifications and setup reporting for these devices.

Clients can make use of our RESTful API to consume data to their applications or their own cloud. They can also make use of export data periodically using our data connectors. Currently we support data export through AWS S3, Kinesis and Azure Blob. They can learn more about the APIs by going through our API documentation hosted privately on our cloud.


⦁ Device Management
⦁ Customer Account Management
⦁ User Management
⦁ Notifications and Reporting Engine
⦁ APIs for data consumption
⦁ Data Connectors to export data to Customers cloud/applications